• Suhendar suhendar Sekolah Tinggi bahasa Asing IEC Jakarta
  • Muhammad Adjie Akbar Sekolah Tinggi bahasa Asing IEC Jakarta
Keywords: Idiomatic translation, Newmark Theory, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn


The purpose of the research was to analyze the idiomatic translation found in “The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn” By Stephanie Meyer and “Awal Yang Baru” Translated By Monica Dwi Chresnayani. The result of the research is the idiomatic translations method which is found in the novel and analyzed by using the theory of translation from Newmark. Based on the data analysis, the writer found some proofs that the data which were translated used idiomatic translation method. In analyzing translation process, the writer compared with other translation methods. The purpose was  that the writer showed the translation method used by the translator was idiomatic translation method. In translation, the translator paid attention to the meaning of source language so that the message in target language can be received by the readers.        


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