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  • anna fauziah STIKES Binawan
Keywords: Loan words, morphological process, phonological process


This study focuses on the process of English words which are loaned or borrowed into Indonesian language and are used on Indonesian health articles in online news pages such as detik.com, kompas.com and viva.com. The data are analyzed based on the four word forms namely noun, verb, adjective and adverb. Besides, they are also analyzed based on either the morphological process or phonological process. The study applies the descriptive qualitative method applying the content analysis technique. The findings of the research show that there are 606 loan words. Based on word form category there are 425 words (70.13 %) as noun, adjective with 96 words (15.84%), verb with 82 words (13.50%) adverb with only 3 words (0.49%). For morphological process, it can be categorized in some various processes, they are affixation with several prefixes and suffixes. In addition, there are some words with reduplication as many as 7 words (6.14%) and abbrevation process, they are 13 words (11.40%). Phonological process occurs into several parts, they are adoption, translation and adaptation. For adoption, there are 395 words (65.18%), adaptation with 166 words (27.39%) and translation with 45 words (7.42%).


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